Wills & Trusts

Will Writing is not part of the Intrinsic offering and Intrinsic Financial Services accepts no responsibility for this aspect of our business.  Will Writing and Trusts are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Over our lifetime we build up wealth in various forms and most of us want to be safe in the knowledge that what we have worked so hard for will eventually benefit our family and loved ones.  Why then do so many of us leave behind no instructions for that very event?

A will is the document that tells people who you want to benefit from your wealth when you have gone.  If you leave no instructions it is highly likely that the monies will not go to the right people.  Despite this 70% of the population have not even made a basic will!!

Will planning is every bit as important as any other financial decision.  Through our sister company, Ridgemount Asset Protection we are proud to be associated with Countrywide Trust and Tax services to provide this important advice for our clients.

Countrywide are a specialist firm of trust and will experts and between us we can guide you through a process that will ensure that your assets are protected and applied for the benefit of the people that you most care about.

You can be safe in the knowledge that the advice will be tailored to your needs and is coming from a firm with many years of specialist legal knowledge in this area.  Whether you want a basic will or to talk about more detailed planning via trusts please contact us to arrange a meeting.